Malingo is a typical type of bamboo found in the Himalayan mountain region. The botanical name of Malingo is “Yushania Maling.” Its emblematic importance and adaptation in high altitude ensues from its unique role it has played in the lives of Nepali from time immemorial.

Malingo’s multidimensional uses ranging from food, fodder and shelter play crucial role in the very sustenance of the life in the region. It is used to make bamboo products such as “doko” tall netted basket, “nanglo” rimmed lid-type plate used to sieve and winnow grains, “dalo” basket to store grains, “bhakari” and “chittra” panel used as roof or wall. Some of the unique traditional musical instruments such as “bansuri” and “murali” flute “murchunga” and “binayo” are made from malingo. The soft and meditational melodious music of these musical instruments echoes in abundance with the breezes in the Himalayas.